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The history of SEV Litovel Company is short. It was established on 
20. September 1999 and launched on 1. October 1999.

SEV took over a part of the production buildings, production facilities, know-how, production program and customers from ETA, based in Hlinsko, who had dissolved their subsidiary in Litovel. The electrotechnical and electro-mechanical production has a long tradition: 

This well-established production started in Litovel more than 50 years ago in the then public enterprise - Tesla Litovel. The enterprise further extended and in 1992 the public enterprise was incorporated into ETA Hlinsko. The company has sufficiency of trained personnel, both technicians and developers, and also workers with various skills. It employs 190 people.

SEV Litovel has development and technological facilities that are necessary for realisation of new projects. It co-operates with other companies in the branch of automobile industry, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Some of its projects are realised in co-operation with VUT Brno (college of technology).

SEV Litovel is ready for taking-up every new productinal challenge within the mentioned branches and its capacity can be flexibly tailored to the respective demand.

The company is controlled by a system of guidelines and standards conforming to ISO 9001.

SEV Litovel, s.r.o.
Palackého 34
784 01 Litovel
Company Identification Number 25843389


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You can find us

Headquarters can be found on the southern edge of Litovel, street Palacky 34.

From the motorway Olomouc - Mohelnice go down in the Litovel - Nasobůrky.


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